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Stages of obtaining Romanian citizenship

Sequence of actions

More than 200 people get Romanian passport with my support already.

UK citizens rights in EU after Brexit
As you know, there’s Brexit coming soon. This means that British citizens are deprived of the rights to work and to stay unlimited in the EU. To obtain Romanian citizenship—this is the solution for maintain your standard of living after Brexit.


The process of acquiring citizenship of any of the EU countries is long and difficult. You must have lived in the chosen country for more than 5 years. However, there is also an easier way. It is a restoration of Romanian citizenship procedure. For this purpose, it is necessary to confirm the fact of birth of direct relatives on the territory of «Greater Romania». If your father/mother, grandfather/grandmother, great-grandfather/great-grandmother were born in Romania in 1918-1940 (until June 28), you have the legal right to obtain EU citizenship.*

*The restoration of Romanian citizenship procedure is provided for in article 11 of the Romanian Citizenship Act No. 21/1991. I offer professional assistance in the restoration of Romanian citizenship. I will help you to go through the whole process as quickly as possible and avoid mistakes that could lead to failure.

The benefits

Romanian citizenship lets you live and work in European Union countries. This opens up opportunities for business in the EU. This gives access to quality medicine and education. For example, the education in Europe is half price for Romanian citizens.
You don’t have to live in the EU. You don’t need to renounce your existing citizenship. You’ll have a dual citizenship.

How to get

First of all, you need to collect the documents:

— Your birth certificate
— Your marriage certificate
— Birth certificates of your parents
— Parents’marriage certificate
— Grandparents’ birth certificates
— Grandparents’ marriage certificates
— Your passport
— Certificate of criminal record
— Childrens’ birth certificates (if necessary)
Underage 18 children get citizenship with you automatically and free of charge.
Now that we have all the documents, we check them, translate them into Romanian and notarize them. If any of the documents are missing, you can request to search for them in the archive. Only copies of documents are submitted. Now you can proceed to further actions.

Sequence of actions

1. Dossier submission

Dossier submission

You can find a notarized translation in a folder called «Dosar», which is your file. In Bucharest (Mon, Fri) you submit your application and get the registration number accompanied by a lawyer. This usually happens in 4-6 weeks after signing the contract.

2. Order confirmation

Order confirmation

Lists are published at weekly.

Your name and file number will appear there in 16-18 months. You will also receive an order
confirmation letter to your home address. Now you can take the Oath of Citizenship at the consulate.

3. Take the oath and receive a certificate

Take the oath and receive a certificate

Taking the Oath of Romanian Citizenship includes an interview with the consul and reading the Oath in Romanian*. After that, the consul will give you a certificate. This is a document on the restoration of Romanian citizenship.

*learning Romanian is not difficult. 10 lessons are enough to achieve the required level. It won’t take you more than three months.

4. Receive the Birth certificate

Receive the Birth certificate

We send the certificate and the originals of birth and marriage certificates to Romania to get the Romanian certificates within 2-3 months. In case of need the time may be reduced. The certificate and British documents will be returned to the owner together with the Romanian ones.

5. Receive the passport

Receive the passport

With your certificate and translated birth certificate we apply to the consulate. Here we take photos for the Romanian passport. You can get them in two months. In case of need you can take a photo in Bucharest. In this case, the term will be reduced to 4 weeks.

Now you are a citizen of the European Union.
You can stay unlimited in EU, study and work in EU as a EU citizen.


The total cost of services is £2,000. The price includes the cost of translation and notarization of documents, case analysis, legal support at all stages, the services of a lawyer when submitting documents in Bucharest.
The price does not include travel and accommodation.
This price is only available if you have all the necessary documents confirming the birth of your ancestors on the territory of the former Romania. In case of lack of documents, we will contact the archives to help you to acquire EU citizenship. In this case, the price can be different.

* Сonsular fees for Romanian birth certificate and marriage certificate (if necessary) are paid separately. The price is about £500 per document.

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